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    D.R. Horton

    After 45 years of home building, D.R. Horton has been the #1 Homebuilder in America since 2002. Quality, customer satisfaction, and simplicity of process are hallmarks of the D.R.Horton brand. They build all around the country, but areas of interest to my buyers are Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and coming soon, the Coeur d’Alene area. So, I’ve got you covered!

    The Neighborhood

    How often have you heard about the agonizing choices to be made as you build your own home? Can I afford this or that, or, we have to choose between this upgrade or that one. Can we afford to landscape our yard after we move in? Keep reading for the answer!

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    How is building made simple by D.R Horton? By INCLUDING everything that you need in a home and leaving you very little to upgrade. D.R. Horton offers 4 different home series, each community offering one of these series. No choosing colors and floors and cabinets that you hope will look good. These are assembled for you by professional decorators and presented in pre-done packages for you to choose. What could be easier? But whatever the series or finish package, you will find everything you need to make your home a place of comfort and safety.


    D.R. Horton builds homes with community in mind. Find and imagine your dream home located in your dream community. The place where you will raise your family, invite your friends, make new friends, and create wonderful memories for years to come!

    Let me show you all these new homes in D.R. Horton neighborhoods and point out all the fantastic features!

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