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    Harrison is a town located on the southeastern shore of Coeur d’Alene Lake. Nestled amid the trees with stunning lake vistas, Harrison combines small-town living with a thriving tourism economy. As you search for Harrison, Idaho real estate it might be interesting to know a bit of the fascinating history of this community.

    The first home built in Harrison was in 1891 when Silas B. Crane settled on a timbered piece of land and built the first house, as documented by the Crane Historical Society. A sawmill followed, a general store, a post office, and most importantly a branch of the O.R. & N. Railroad. The first newspaper, a schoolhouse, and a Methodist church came next, all by the year 1895, and a community was formed. The Village of Harrison was incorporated in 1899.

    The next few years saw explosive growth, with the installation of a town water system, and an electric plant. In 1905 a telephone system was put in place by Rocky Mountain Bell, connecting Harrison to the outside world. Continuing its growth, many businesses opened including The First National Bank of Harrison, grocery, drug, clothing, furniture, and jewelry stores among them. Services of shoemaking, tailoring, blacksmithing, restaurants, hotels and a hospital were offered to the community which had now grown to a population of 1,250 by 1911. Eight or more sawmills and box factories were built, storing millions of board feet of lumber in the lake by Harrison. A steamboat named The Harrison transported passengers, many of them tourists from Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, and freight, as the easiest way to get to Harrison was by boat.

    In 1917, tragedy struck. A fire starting in the Grant Lumber Mill spread, consuming half the residential areas, and half of the business district. That devastating day was reported in The Harrison Searchlight on July 27, 1917. The full potential of Harrison was never to be realized as much of the town was never rebuilt.

    Today’s Harrison finds a slimmed down population of about 250 people which grows during the summer months. It is a lively town in summer, with many second homes and visitors passing through town to enjoy the beautiful scenery, numerous shops and restaurants, the marina, and the rich history of Harrison. A historic walking tour of Harrison is of great interest and many historic buildings can be appreciated along the way. One of the biggest draws to Harrison is the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, a 73-mile paved trail which runs through the center of Harrison. You can join the spectacular trail at any point between Mullen and Plummer, with Harrison as the perfect stopping point for rest, food, and lake views along the way. A wide variety of fun and delicious little eateries are available in Harrison, just check the Yelp section at the bottom of this page!

    Harrison, Idaho real estate is still affordable and is becoming more and more popular as a second home destination due to higher price tags further north on the lake. Vacant land for sale in Harrison, Idaho provides opportunities for building a home, or you may want to find an existing home for renovation or perhaps a beautiful turn-key waterfront residence. Harrison is a picturesque and intriguing town which invites further exploration.

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