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    Seller Checklist

    Couple painting the wallIt can really pay off to put some elbow grease into preparing your home for sale. Even in a hot seller’s market, it is important to present your home at its best so that you can receive top dollar from interested buyers. Many of these items are simply home maintenance and if you have kept up on them, you are ahead of the game!

    Here is a checklist to get you started.

    Preparing Your House for Sale

    Interior Checklist


    • Empty rooms of all clutter, keep only necessary items
    • Clean closets-remove out of season clothes
    • Remove all countertop items
    • Store or sell unnecessary furniture
    • Remove personal pictures, collections, floor mats

    Clean and Replace as needed

    • Light Switch Covers
    • Ceiling Fans, light fixtures
    • Fireplace
    • Light Bulbs
    • Front Door-paint if necessary
    • Carpets-replace as needed
    • Blinds
    • Doors and Doorknobs
    • AC/Heater Vents
    • Interior Windows, panes, and window tracks
    • Baseboards


    • Clean stove, oven, and microwave
    • Clean refrigerator, inside and out
    • Clean or replace burner pans on stove
    • Clean tile grout, countertops, and backsplash
    • Repair counter tops, formica corners, chipped tiles
    • Scrub and polish sink and faucets to look like new again
    • Clean under the sink
    • Clean pantry, keep only necessities and organize


    • Wash shower curtain and liner
    • Unclog drains
    • Scrub soap scum from shower and glass
    • Clean entire shower and fixtures
    • Clean tile and grout
    • Clean sink & fixtures
    • Clean inside & outside of toilet


    • Wash sheets and blankets
    • Clean out and organize closets
    • Remove and store or sell unnecessary furniture


    • Store or donate excess items
    • Ensure tidiness of anything stored
    • Sweep and hose out to remove dust and any webs


    • Clean and hose off porch, and front door
    • Weed entire yard; replace dead plants
    • Prune bushes and plants, prune away from windows
    • Ensure walkways are clean
    • Ensure grass is mowed regularly
    • Keep outdoor furniture clean
    • Clean out gutter
    • Pressure wash deck and patio if needed
    • Wash siding of home
    • Pressure wash fence if needed


    Plant on a table

    • Remove pets or put them in their crates
    • All beds made, pillows and bedspread arranged attractively
    • All clothing put away
    • Bathrooms clean, towels folded, countertop items removed
    • Kitchen spotless, dishes away, floor mats stored
    • All countertops clear
    • White glove clean
    • Odors eliminated
    • Turn on all the lights
    • Open curtains or blinds during the day
    • Close curtains or blinds at night
    • Avoid being present during showing

    Interested Buyers

    • Don’t discuss anything with potential buyers
    • Let Dale Frazell provide information, discuss price, terms, possession and any other factors pertinent to your home with the customer

    When you are ready to sell your home, Dale Frazell has even more tips and benefits for you to get maximum ROI. We’re here to help!


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